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As a family owned company, we began in the Wheeling area with the goal to provide quality roofing service for the community and veterans through a partnership with the VA. Since then, we have grown through partnerships with companies such as Lowes and local banks. We then expanded beyond residential and started providing roofing services for commercial businesses. In 2019, our founder moved to Florida and opened our second location. As we grow, we stand by our core values to provide quality service with a focus on customer care.  


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Christian Ferris

Founder of WV and FL &

Chief Executive Officer

Amber Lynn

Partner of West Virginia Branch & Vice-President

of Operations

Michael Marling

Project Coordinator & Client Developer

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We prioritize honesty at every level and in providing quality service that will leave customers satisfied with a long-lasting, valuable product.


Within our company, with our clients, and with our community, it is important to create a relationship based off trust.


We value quality service through well-trained specialists that offer expert service.


We believe it is important to set appointments with the client's schedule in mind. We do not do surprise visits and value our customer service with attention to communicate.